Welcome to our website which focuses on the topic of multimedia and computers. Some people may be unfamiliar with the term “multimedia”. Simply put, a product of this type will combine images, sounds and text to express information to the user.

There are many different applications for this type of technology. It is used widely in both offices and schools. It is also utilised by people in the marketing sector. Popular types of multimedia include computer games, CDs, DVDs and even this site that you are on now.

We have spread out information on this subject throughout several articles. Readers can either navigate to the one that best applies to their interest or go through each one. Doing the latter will give you an extensive knowledge on the different ways that multimedia tools are used in modern life.

One of the latest types of multimedia is virtual reality. This is used in video games to give players a greater sense of immersion. It is even being utilised as part of therapy for some parts of the medical industry. This section of the site is useful for people who are interested in emerging technologies.

Discs are used as the format for many different types of multimedia. This includes movies and music. Our article on discs will discuss why this media type continues to be popular with the general public. It also talks about how non-physical formats are superseding it.

The internet is used by people throughout the world for entertainment purposes. In one article we focus on how this applies to the citizens of Australia. This includes how they can access the music charts, as well as watch shows and movies via streaming sites. This part of our website will be useful for those who live in this part of the world.

We also delve into the topic of e-learning and how multimedia has changed the education system. Those in commercial industries should certainly check out our article on the use of multimedia in marketing and the arts. There should be enough useful information on this site to satisfy anyone who is curious about this interesting concept.