Australian Entertainment Websites

Television is the main entertainment medium in Australia. Citizens can read up on the broadcast schedule through a printed TV guide. However, there is a cheaper option. The internet provides plenty of information on the upcoming TV schedule in Australia. They also often include interesting articles to read through.

This country also has its own music charts, the ARIA. This can be viewed in its online form. It tells readers which songs are currently the most popular in Australia. There is even an archive that informs people of the best tracks from past years.

In terms of sports, horse racing is a universally enjoyable activity. People throughout Australia watch these races and bet on them. Unibet is one of the best sites for gambling on horses. Those who want to try their luck should certainly check it out as the website makes placing wagers easy to do. There is a clear and accessible layout to the racing page that allows anyone to understand which races are in play.

Streaming services like Netflix have introduced Aussie TV shows to the rest of the world. The most popular genre is comedy. However, some of the humour does not always translate. The Strange Calls is about a policeman who is transferred to a new coastal town. He has a number of bizarre encounters throughout each episode. Some of the jokes come at the expense of Australian customs and society. Viewers who are unfamiliar with these may find that some of the comedy scenes go over their heads.

Luckily there are other, more broad comedy shows from Australia that can be streamed online. The Gentleman’s Guide To Knife Fighting has proven to be popular with viewers all over the world. This is because the programme deals with taboo and outrageous subjects.

These sites also have documentaries about the nature of Australia. Shows like this can be both educational and exciting. They tend to focus on the more extreme animals of the country, such as venomous snakes, man-eating crocodiles and scary looking sharks. These shows appeal to many different types of people.

Video games are also extremely popular forms of entertainment for the people of Australia. There are numerous sites that have articles specific to the gaming industry of this country. This includes the different titles that are being released, as well as issues related to the censorship of some of the more extreme games on the market.