Multimedia Commercial Application

Modern creative businesses now use multimedia in everyday office life, as well as utilising it for the marketing of artistic products. This is most clearly evident in the film, music and video game industries. Advanced technologies have changed the way that these types of companies are run. New hardware and software continue to be released each year, offering even greater applications for the work environment.

One of the most universal ways that multimedia has impacted business is in the emergence of the presentation. When a member of management wants to get their information across to employees they will often use a projector to present this data. This will often include interactive text, slides, still images and video. The method can be used in almost every work sector.

Multimedia is also used in the development of creative elements. This can be seen with the use of CGI in motion pictures. Animation developers will use computers to create moving 3D models that are then given texture. These effects can be used to create realistic looking landscapes, characters and objects.

There are some videos games that incorporate elements of multimedia. They allow players to actively participate in the story. This makes genres such as mysteries and crime investigation games much more immersive.

In art galleries, visitors can often see work that blends different types of media together. For instance, Peter Greenaway melds the digital arts with opera music and physical film. In doing this he creates something entirely new.

Since multimedia art uses digital formats predominantly it means that the work can be easily reproduced. This shows that modern art can be commercially sold much in the same way that older forms are. In some cases the art product is replicated in much greater detail, thanks to the utilisation of digital technology.

Multimedia elements can also be used to advertise a product in more effective ways. In fact they have even opened up new marketplaces. This can be seen in the emergence of the internet. Not only does it allow marketing to be optimised. It also creates entirely new products that exist solely online.